Fire with Friends

We had a fire with our friends and cousins.  It was very big.  Tim played with fire on a stick.  It was 9:00 when we started.

We also went in our hot tub for about 15 minutes.  We would have gone bowling if I weren’t sick.  So we did the fire.

There were seven people at the fire.  It was in our backyard.  The people were Mrs. Sharkey, Mr. Sharkey, Mom, Dad, Uncle Pete, Aunt Emily, and me.  We roasted marshmallows on two sticks, one for me and one for Tim.

Lainey was with Maggie inside.  Jon and Noah were playing Fortnite in Jon’s room.  When I went in Jon’s room, he was playing basketball, and Noah was lying on the ground and playing Minecraft.  He has a whole farm.  Noah is sssoooooooooooo good at Minecraft, and Jon is ssssooooooooooooooooo good at Fortnite.

The fire ended at 11:30.  It was fun.

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